Function vs Design

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

In this post we break down the age old question, what takes priority? function or design.


Although this could be really the main reason for going for steel doors, it really should be taken into careful consideration. A partition can bring in light, open up spaces and deliver a stunning result, if done correctly. With multiple choices of either sliding, Bi-folding, Pivot or French doors the world really is your oyster. Take care when considering what handle to use, where the doors will sit in the aperture. Remember that a beautiful design is usually found within simplicity. Why not ask our design team what their thoughts are?


You will most likely use your steel doors every day of your life and as a prominent feature in your home they need to work.

When designing a space you need to consider who will use the doors, how they will add value to your space and increase happiness when using them. French doors are great for entryways to bedrooms, living rooms or hallways and bathrooms.

Pivot doors create an operational partition which can look beautiful and open both ways, just make sure to consider switches and cupboards that could be hidden behind.

Bi-Folding doors can create a beautiful, easy to use partition that can be moved with ease. These are usually found separating kitchens with living rooms or hallways to other spaces. Remember that these fold up like an accordion so nothing can be kept beside them.

Our Advise

It doesn't really matter where you decide to put our steel doors as everyone is unique. Whatever the style, colour, finish, ironmongery we want you to be happy with you choice!

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