Why Choose Steel?

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

We asked some of our clients why they decided to go with steel over aluminium.

Steel Makes a Come-back

Steel has played a huge part in Englands history. From Factories built throughout WW2 to modern homes dotted around London, you can feel its presence. Our customers believe that Steel doors are the key to timeless design.

Steel is made to last. Given that our steel is galvanised and powder coated you can have assurance that your doors will stick around for the longest of any door type. With sturdy bullet hinges and custom fitted handles they will glide smoothly into your everyday life.

Steel Doors are fully customisable. Unlike a lot of other suppliers we pride ourselves on being boutique and bespoke. If you have a suggestion on an interesting design we are there to listen and try to make dreams become reality.

The downsides

Steel Doors and Partitions can come with the downside of a hefty price tag, but if the reasons above aren't enough to twist your arm then our ability to transfer the savings to you by reducing our overheads should.

We are passionate about design and all things steel, so we want to share that too in a market dominated by high costs.

We also offer a quick turnaround, 6 - 8 week lead times mean you wont be waiting long for you dream doors to be installed.

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